Apple for education

Your experts for Apple in education

Why Apple for education?

Apple have revolutionised learning with their classroom technology – making it more mobile and intuitive, and improving engagement and knowledge retention in the process. With Apple technology you can promote any time, anywhere learning with iPad and apps for the classroom, and power through creative work with the Mac notebook and desktop range. Read our 1:1 iPad impact guide to see how Apple technology has helped teaching and learning across the country.

    The benefits of Apple...

  • Improved student progress.
  • Increased engagement.
  • Improved collaboration and sharing.
  • Better attendance rates.
  • Better exam results.
Why Crescent for education?

When it comes to IT for education, it's much more than just selling products. Schools need a plan in place to procure and deploy new technology, a strong infrastructure to support and protect their devices, while having staff trained to get the maximum benefits from their devices in lessons.

We understand the need for professional guidance on your school’s technology journey, and our empathetic team of ex teachers and education experts know how to make your schools technology work with the curriculum and provide phenomenal results in both teaching and learning.

Helping Holy Trinity reach their Apple technology dream

See how we helped Holy Trinity C of E Primary School with their full Apple deployment, getting them the right hardware, and helping them meet their goal of reducing overall IT costs through careful, user-focused device management.

We're an Apple Solution Expert for Education

As a top Apple Solution Expert for Education in the UK, we have a dedicated team of education specialists, many of whom have previously worked in schools.

Our team are some of the best in the business, we're dedicated to Apple technology and helping schools build a clear deployment IT strategy with Vision and Planning programmes. Watch our video to see why you should go to an Apple Solution Expert for Education.