App development

If there’s not an app for that, there blummin’ well should be

Apps offer you the opportunity to build or revamp business processes with mobile-optimised tools that integrate with your back office, CRM systems and more. Customers, head office, field sales teams and your warehouse staff will all benefit from streamlined processes, making every journey faster and simpler.

  • Grow revenues and increase brand awareness with customer facing apps.
  • Improve visibility within your business and get realtime feedback by developing your own in-house app.
  • Improve communication within your business with iBooks and realtime updates.
Benefits of app development

Grow revenues

Develop an app that lets you upsell to customers and offer them the most relevant deals when they want them.

Increase brand awareness

Whether it’s a meeting room booking system or customer-facing tool, custom apps are a great way to get your brand out there.

Improve visibility

Create an app that allows you to monitor processes or sales within your business from a central dashboard, in realtime.

Get realtime feedback

An app is a great way to gather customer and employee feedback. Delivered on a mobile device, your surveys can go even further.

Faster quote generation

Need to improve quote handling in sales meetings? Our Sales24 app lets you build and email quotes in front of the customer.

Simpler communication

Improve communication in your business through a dedicated app for distributing up to date sales tools and company announcements.

Using the app and homing in on specifics, we’ve saved over 1% on returns for the last couple of months – we’re not even using the app to its full potential yet, and that 1% saves us £130K per year.”
John Peterson, Welcome Furniture

App development
Customer-facing apps

We can work with you to develop customer-facing apps that put your content right in your clients’ hands. Whether you want an interactive catalogue with in-app purchasing, an app to improve customer service or even a dedicated app for a specific promotion, we can help. Customer-facing apps help your audience to better understand your brand, product and services at a time and place that suits them. It also lets you offer time-sensitive content and encourage more interaction with your collateral with touch, multimedia content and on-demand delivery.

Internal apps

Getting key information to sales teams and mobile workforces on time is critical. Our apps are custom-made and can be integrated with your existing systems, offering the chance to deliver, monitor and report on key information and events in realtime. Being able to turn around a quote faster than the competition is going to help you close more deals, as is being able to access more supporting content during a pitch. And when it comes to logistics and CRM, the realtime advantage offered by an internal app means you can nip any crises in the bud and identify bottlenecks before they become a problem.


Printed collateral is difficult to compile, time-consuming to update and expensive to distribute. iBooks are simple and easy to create, share and update, while supporting online purchasing and multimedia collateral. As well as reducing the costs of printing lengthy documents such as board books or product catalogues, iBooks can increase reader engagement, support interactive elements such as videos, web links and charts, and don’t incur any postage costs.