Storage and networking

We've got the expertise to design, deliver and support your IT environment

Keeping your tech up to date is a continuous and time-consuming process – so why not let us take care of it for you? We can help design, deliver and support your core IT to create a responsive and resilient infrastructure, so you don’t get left behind when new tech is released. We can provide advice and strategy and system design, server and storage virtualisation, cloud migration, security and mobility. We’ll also make sure your Apple devices are integrated with your server and storage environments, giving you the ROI that your business expects. Get in touch with the team to book your infrastructure review!

  • Faster delivery of core services.
  • Reduced energy and space footprint.
  • Lower hardware and energy costs.
  • Simpler asset management
  • Improved business continuity and disaster recovery.
  • More reliable network and device access across platforms.
  • Improved network and end user security.

“We ran through where all the network points were going to be in the different offices, and the layout of the different edit suites. Crescent got back to me with the options for the cabling [...] Crescent came up once all the floor had been laid and put down all the cabling for the network and the SDI leads and extenders. I moved my machines in a couple of days later and they had us all up and running - everything was fine."
Simon Blackledge, Head of Post-Production, Space Digital

Storage and networking

We know how important secure storage is, and how much of a nightmare data loss can be. That’s why we design and upgrade fit for purpose storage systems with the right levels of bandwidth, redundancy and functionality that your end users need, to make sure you can stay up and running even if the worst happens. Our experts will work to fit you out with a complete data lifecycle solution, including backup, archiving and collaboration.


Designed for your current and future workloads, our server solutions mean you can consistently and continuously maintain an agile, resilient, robust and effective server footprint. Whether you are looking at a server upgrade or refresh, migrating from one platform to another or deciding on whether to embark on a major infrastructure upheaval, our server solutions will make sure your investment is future-proof and your team aren’t affected by unplanned downtime.


We offer the full range of networking solutions, from the design and installation of complex multisite networks to tailor-made WiFi setups for business. Put simply, our engineers will make sure your network is fast, continuous and secure.