Luxury Home Automation

Crescent’s smart automation solution is effortless control for smart homes, businesses, and projects of all sizes. A Smart Home can take care of most tasks related to comfort, safety, energy efficiency, and luxury.

All of the smart home components work together flawlessly – lighting, shading, room climate, and beyond. Through this intelligent interaction, the home responds and adjusts to your needs and opens various possibilities.

Multi Room Audio-Video Product

Whether waking up to your favourite radio channel, relaxing to music in the bath, listening to the latest hits in the kids’ bedrooms or enjoying your Home Cinema in Dolby Surround, the Crescent Multi-room System offers you a world of audiophile sound wherever you want it, whenever you want it.

Whether as audiophile Stereo System, as modular Home Cinema Amplifier or even as intelligent Multiroom Controller in the utility room in your cellar, the innovative Crescent provide for an excellent music pleasure with straight sound and voice reproduction and turn your home into a concert hall.